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Céu in a Box (CiB) is a distribution of Xubuntu 13.04 that comes pre-installed with the Céu Programming Language environment.

The distribution contains the compiler together with bindings for the Arduino, TinyOS, and SDL target platforms.

CiB is distributed as a single .ova file to be used with VirtualBox.

After downloading CiB, import it to VirtualBox:


The usename and password for CiB are both the word ceu:

 Username: ceu
 Password: ceu

After logging in, open a terminal window and type the following commands to check if everything is ok:

 cd ceu/

Note: Tests are platform dependent and may fail somewhere (not a big deal).


The directory structure of CiB is as follows:

 - /home/ceu/                # home dir for the user "ceu"
   - ceu/                    # Céu source code (https://github.com/fsantanna/ceu.git)
     . ceu                   # ceu executable
     . run_tests.lua         # script for self test
   - ceu-arduino/            # Arduino binding (https://github.com/fsantanna/ceu-arduino.git)
   - ceu-tinyos/             # TinyOS binding  (https://github.com/fsantanna/ceu-tinyos.git)
   - ceu-sdl/                # SDL binding     (https://github.com/fsantanna/ceu-sdl.git)

Check the specific pages for using Céu with Arduino, TinyOS, and SDL.

Keeping CiB up-to-date

Updates CiB to the latest version in the git repository:

  cd ceu/
  git pull
  lua pak.lua