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Céu provides "Structured Synchronous Reactive Programming", a safe and deterministic concurrency model with side effects.
Reactive applications interact continuously with the environment and are mostly guided through input events from it.
Céu can be described as a reactive, imperative, concurrent, synchronous, and deterministic language.

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LuaGravity is a reactive language that implements the synchronous approach for concurrency. It is based on Esterel and FrTime, two synchronous reactive languages, the former having an imperative style, the latter being functional. LuaGravity is implemented as a set of runtime extensions to the Lua language.




NCL is declarative language that provides several facilities for authoring a complete hypermedia document with synchronization relationships among its components. NCL is used on Brazilian Digital TV middleware Ginga.

NCL was created by Prof. Luiz Fernando Gomes Soares, and is maintained by the TeleMidia Laboratory at PUC-Rio.

NCL is scriptable in Lua through the so called NCLua objects.

I have created the NCLua specification with Prof. Renato Cerqueira and Prof. Luiz Fernando Gomes Soares, and have implemented the first public release.


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